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What's with all these different light quality measurements?!

In the world of lighting, accurate color reproduction is of paramount importance across various industries, ranging from film, theater, and television production to architecture and interior design. To assess the quality of light sources, several metrics have emerged, each offering unique insights into color rendering. This article by Elation Lighting aims to shed light on three prominent metrics: Color Rendering Index (CRI), Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI), and the more recent Technical Memorandum 30 (TM30). These metrics can be useful in evaluating comparable fixtures that might be used on camera, where color accuracy is paramount. In other applications, they be of little importance, but having a tertiary understanding of these terms and metrics can help us identify fixtures that best meet the needs of the project.

Elation Lighting CRI TLCI TM30 Breakdown
Download PDF • 2.11MB

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